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A New, Improved Me: A Sepsis Poem | By Keith Whatley – Sepsis Survivor

A New, Improved Me 
Septic Shock comes in numerous forms,
Surviving it might just be the start of the storm,
Your mind becomes hazy due to its clouds,
Riddled with loneliness in the midst of a crowd,
Too scared to tell anyone about how you feel,
Not being able to tell what’s fictitious or real
Voices of loved ones all shaken with fear,
Hearing their emotions but the words so unclear,
There are moments I’m ecstatic then instantly depressed,
Post Sepsis Syndrome won’t let my mind ever rest
Limits are lowered with new problems I face,
Emotions now swinging all over the place,
Swallowing every pill not wanting a tomorrow,
Due to me drowning in all the pain and sorrow,
I was blinded with fear that I just didn’t see,
Another day on this earth is not ever guaranteed,
Having faith and self worth was simply the key,
In the end I’m now stronger, a new, improved me.
By Keith Whatley
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