Hi! I’m Dr Sarah mcaleer

Learn A Little Bit About Me & My Life Before & After Sepsis

Me with my highly entertaining family at Christmas 2016.

Not looking too shappy with some make-up and a nice dress on!

Hi! My Name Is Dr Sarah McAleer!

But I’m NOT a medical doctor, I hold a PhD in jewellery history from the Royal College of Art in London

I’m a goldsmith, historian, business woman, business mentor, wife and mum!

At the end of 2016 I nearly died from Pneumonia & Sepsis and I am currently still in long-term recovery mode.

This certainly put the cat among the pigeons and I am on a crusade to help raise awareness of both Sepsis AND Post Sepsis Syndrome!

Lets rebuild our lives together AFTER Sepsis!

Before Sepsis I Ran My Own Demanding Goldsmithing Business  & I’m A Business Mentor For Artists & Jewellers

I’m Also A Trained Jewellery Historian, Lecturer, Teacher, Writer & Blogger

You could say I’m Multi-Faceted – Like A Diamond (My Favourite)

Part Made of Tough Stuff, Part Cut From My Own Dust & Part Sparkle!

Sarah McAleer Jewellerysmith

I’m probably best known as a goldsmith and I’ve been making jewellery for nearly 25 years now! Yup! Thats a bit scary!!!
I predominately make high-end commission pieces and specialise in bespoke re-modelling for clients. Alongside this I produce silver and gold production collections and one-off exhibition pieces.
Years ago I spent 7 years of my life researching for a PhD in jewellery history (but that’s another story).
I’ve set up a studio more than 10 times, run a contemporary jewellery gallery, taught and lectured for years, trained my own interns and staff, lived in 9 different towns/cities and moved myself and my family to the other side of the world and back!!!

Sarah McAleer Mentorsmith

I’ve always been someone whom people have come to for advice and I’ve taught countless art students and trained many staff over the years. So I started mentoring ‘officially’ a couple of years ago as a separate business.

I work with artists, designers, makers and jewellers to help them work out better ways to turn their art practices into art businesses without feeling like they’ve sold out!

My advice is based on over 25 years of experience of being an artist-designer-maker myself. I’ve been there, done that and printed my own t-shirt!

I give creative business advice for creatives by a creative!

I’m Not A Stranger To Health Issues

Before Sepsis I had started to write a blog about my 40 year struggles and wins with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I’m Also An Anaphylactic


For the past fourty something years I have struggled with, survived and, on the most part, overcome Irritable Bowel Syndrome! There have been a couple of severe low points on this journey but IBS never held me back.

Over the years I accumulated invaluable knowledge into this horrible debilitating condition. Often mis-diagnosed, with no real scientific or medical knoweldge in the early years, I spent a great deal of time researching about it.

Years ago a dietitian named Lisa saved my life with her knowledge of IBS and her soluble fibre diet plans. I’ve basically stuck to these for over twenty years now and, before Sepsis, I would’ve considered my condition to be virtually stable with only a few relapses here and there.

I wanted to repay the liberating gift she gave me and pass on the healing. So last year I started writing a blog as a positive resource to help educate those that suffer from IBS.

I didn’t realise I was going to be adding another health condition and blog into the mix!!!

Before Sepsis I Lived Life Pretty Much At Full Pelt

After Sepsis?…Well I Have To Take Things MUCH Slower Now As Sepsis Affected Just About Every Inch Of Me…No Exaggeration!

I’ve Had To Try To Accept That Recovery Is Long-Term & I Live Each Day Around Energy Cycles

I’ve Even Had To Work Exceedingly Hard To Re-Train My Brain So That I Could Begin To Write Again – Something I Did Before On A Daily Basis With Ease

BUT I’m Equally As Determined…Perhaps Now Even More So!

Now It’s Time To Speak Out!