Welcome To Sepsis Vitality

I Set This Blog Up To Help Raise Awareness Of Sepsis,

Post Sepsis Syndrome AND Sepsis Recovery.

Me Escaping Hospital: 28th Nov 2016

Having Survived Sepsis!

Sepsis Is Not Something You ‘Get Over’!

You Survive It!

In 2016 I Survived Sepsis!

Sepsis Has Changed My Entire Life!
Yet I feel like my Sepsis & Post Sepsis journey has been filled by virtually no readily available GP information, a lack of understanding and virtually no immediate or local support.


I had to do my own research into what Sepsis is and how to recover from it! I felt like I was on my own!

I’m lucky I have a research background and an inqusitive brain. I went online and I sourced great information sites and built up my own knowledge about Sepsis and Post Sepsis Syndrome. I plotted my own recovery plan. I had no choice but to help myself! I even had to TELL my GP what I thought I might need!

BUT this is NOT something you should have to do when you are recovering from critical illness.

I want to change that! Sepsis survivors need help. Sepsis survivors have lots of questions. We need knowledge of Post Sepsis Syndrome so that we can prepare for the recovery journey ahead. We need support!

I want to provide information and a resource that will help others learn about Sepsis and raise Sepsis awareness. But more importantly I want to provide knowledge to help surviors on their Sepsis Recovery journeys.