How I became A Member Of The Global Sepsis Alliance – Sepsis Warriors

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How I became A Member Of The Global Sepsis Alliance – Sepsis Warriors

Yes! Here’s the story about How I became A Member Of The Global Sepsis Alliance – Sepsis Warriors!


At the end of May 2017 I wrote a blog post about how I was feeling 6 months post sepsis. It talks about how sepsis has basically affected every single part of my body inside and out. I call it ‘Being Humpty Dumpty‘.

For me writing is something that I ‘do / did’ for a living. Before sepsis I ran a busy goldsmithing business and I’m also a business mentor and coach for artists, designers and makers. Part of my daily routine was writing for my various blogs, websites and social media.

One of my biggest shocks after sepsis was my lack of brain function. Memory loss, lack of concentration and forgetting just about everything. On top of that NOT being able to either remember what I was reading or what I was writing about from sentence to sentence really filled me with dread. So I spent 5 months looking at ways to rebuild my brain’s ability – which I’ll talk about in other posts. One of those ways was to work out ways I could write again – without forgetting what I was doing mid-sentence.


And so my Humpty Dumpty post was my first true marker post and the first time in 6 months that I had felt like I could begin to share and talk about my story. The problem being that every time you think about it you have to relive what happened to you over and over again. The fact that you are a) considered to be a ‘survivor’ and b) that you are lucky to be alive, can be overwhelming at times!

Then ‘things’ started to happen – call it divine intervention or the fact that that one post had just catapulted me down a ‘different’ path. People who know me, and even the medical people I was attending, kept saying things like, you should write more about this, maybe its up to people like you to help educate others, wow is there a book in there, do you have a website, whats sepsis, I didn’t know it could affect people like this, nobody is really talking about these things…and so on, and so on.

All of a sudden I felt like right, maybe I ‘should’ start a new blog website. I’m 6 months down the line and my entire life has changed so lets see what happens. And so in one weekend, Sepsis Vitality was born. I challenged myself to set up a basic website in three days to get myself going. After all, as a business mentor for artists I ALWAYS teach them to just Get Started and that we all have to grow EVERYTHING new from Zero.

The Global Sepsis Alliance

Fast forward a few weeks and now I am proud to say that my humble beginnings has seen me, and Sepsis Vitality, become a member of the Global Sepsis Alliance.

The Global Sepsis Alliance is a non-profit charity organization with the aim to raise awareness of sepsis worldwide and reduce sepsis deaths by 20 % by 2020. GSA

At the exactly same time I also became the Lead Representative For N. Ireland For The UK Sepsis Trust. So now I become an advocate, an ambassador and a Sepsis Warrior.

This means that one small person can begin to write, talk and affect change within my own circle and surroundings. I believe this will have a ripple effect that will then span outwards into the global arena.

I don’t know where this relationship will lead. So for now my initial goal is to spend the next year building up my Sepsis Vitality website. Starting with detailing my own story and then adding in the stories of others. For me personally I am looking not only at Sepsis Awareness but also at how to live your life AFTER sepsis and ways to recover.

If the UK Sepsis trust states that 44,000 people every year die from Sepsis in the UK alone, and the GSA want to reduce this by 20% within the next 4 years, then together we have the opportunity to help save 176,000 souls. Thats pretty powerful stuff!

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