Cobalt Blue No_0424 – Sepsis Vitality And Hope

This is one of my own images: Cobalt Blue No_0424 – Sepsis Vitality And Hope!

Before Sepsis

It was taken in Dunfanaghy up the North Coast of Ireland in March 2016. Its one of my favourite places to go and somewhere my family and I retreat to regularly during holiday times. Beautiful countryside and lots of fabulously long beaches. The internet reception is so poor up here that you are really forced to get away from it all. And when the sun is out (cause it is Ireland after all), you could be anywhere tropical in the world.

Before Sepsis I was an avid photographer. As a goldsmith, photographs are my inspiration. I’m never without at least having the phone on my camera everywhere I go. When we go away I bring my ‘big’ camera and I spend time ‘getting my fix’ of blue skies and the sea. I talk about this as being my view on the world. I record everything visually. The world through my eyes. A visual diary.

After Sepsis

In one of my previous posts – Find An Interest of Hobby – I was saying that all Sepsis survivors would benefit from finding a hobby to occupy both their time and their minds. I highly recommend photography as therapy BUT, it is NOT a low energy level task. In fact just being out of your house takes energy. Plus if you have a large camera, its pretty heavy to lug around.

It was a full month out of hospital before I even managed getting dressed and stepping outside into the garden for ‘some fresh air’. I actually found that I wasn’t even seeing what I usually ‘see’. My mind was fogged and I really couldn’t be bothered. But I used my phone and I took a few snaps to coax my sepsis brainfog back into action. In fact it took me 3 months before I managed an outing with my family and took my first ‘set’ of new photos.

So yes I highly recommend trying photography. Just use your phone to start, you don’t need anything fancy. Take some images of what you think you see. What catches your eye. Then you can build these visuals up over time. Learn to see the world through the eye of a lens!

This Image For Hope

This image is one of my favourites because of its fabulous colour. It hasn’t been ‘touched up’ in any way or had any filters added. This is the colour of the sky and sea in Ireland on the date I took the photo. Its called Cobalt Blue No_0424 and you can see more of my inspiration imagery on my Jewellery Website HERE

I chose this image for my Sepsis Vitality website because its about how life doesn’t have to be about grey skies. Ireland is normally known for the colour green, grey skies and rain. But nearly every time I go to Dunfanghy I take imagery with this colour palette. Deep cobalt blues and aquas.

So this image is about hope. Its one of my favourite places to go. It nourishes my soul and its somewhere I go to hear the ocean speak and to find peace.

And thats what I want for all of us survivors – the hope that we find our own inner peace and the strength to carry on regardless of what has happened to us.

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