Digital Drawing For Brain Fog – Sepsis Recovery

Lets talk about Digital Drawing For Brain Fog – Sepsis Recovery!

In my last post – Find An Interest of Hobby – I was talking about how I wish someone had given me a heads up about trying to find ways that I could a) pass the time, b) keep my mind active and help with brain fog and c) deal with the overwhelm of being ill and the length of recovery ahead.

Thats why I want to write these posts. Although I can only tell you about my own experiences, I hope that some of things I have found helpful might help some of you even just a little bit.

If you are recovering from Sepsis, I really believe that FINDING ANY SORT OF INTEREST OR HOBBY will help you in he days ahead. Low level energy activities are best and ones that can be done either in bed or from a chair that don’t require physical exertion.

Ipad Drawing

So I want to tell you about digital drawing on a ipad.

Now I’m an artist and goldsmith by trade. For me drawing before Sepsis would have been one of my daily and weekly activities. Normally I would be designing for a client piece and working up my drawings into ideas for jewellery. Plus, before Sepsis, I would spend much time taking photographs of the world around me. These are what I use for inspiration.

But the problem is, drawing for clients and taking photographs all require quite a lot of energy, certain tools and a type of brain activity and thought process that I just didn’t have.

On my birthday, exactly 4 months after I’d been in hospital, I upgraded my old ipad to a new one. I kept seeing it being advertised as a ‘new’ drawing tool. So I downloaded the drawing app Adobe Sketch and off I went. Initially having no idea what I was going to draw and I didn’t worry about what was coming out. Just starting by experimenting with the programme. The different pen types, colours and textures. I really love this process and I don’t know why I didn’t think about drawing on my ipad sooner.

Ipad Versus Paper Drawing

You see a ‘traditional’ drawing requires so many ‘things’. You need ‘nice’ paper, you need different types of pens in different thicknesses and colours and if you are using pencils then you need to make sure these are all sharp. As well as pens and paper, you often need a ‘clean’ desk to draw at and set all your tools out on. No problem – normally! BUT when you are recovering from Sepsis there will be such a long period of time when you just don’t want to, or simple can’t, get yourself out of bed.

The beauty of the ipad was that it was all there in one programme. It could be done in my pyjamas by just propping the ipad up on my knee in bed. It was one of the few activities that I had thought of that was low energy but brought about a nice sense of well being. Now I really wish I had been doing this months earlier!!!

It doesn’t matter if you think you can or can’t draw. Just start by trial and error. A few lines, a pattern, different colours. You can use your finger to draw or I had a stylus shaped like a pencil which I liked. There is much research about Art being therapy and as an artist I really believe that my own ‘art’ brought my mind back from the brink.

Spikey Lines

It’s great for me to look back at my drawings from the view point that perhaps each image shows my state of mind on a particular day.

This image is my first attempt. What do you think it says about my Post Sepsis Brain Fog?

It’s called ‘Spikey Line No_8932‘ and you can see it and some of my other drawings on my Jewellery Website HERE

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