Heart ‘Blip’ Cloud – Sepsis Vitality And Hope

This is taken from one of my own images: Cobalt Blue No_0424 – Heart ‘Blip’ Cloud – Sepsis Vitality And Hope!

My cobalt blue image of the sky and sea, taken in Dunfanaghy up the North Coast of Ireland, is one of my brand images for Sepsis Vitality. I wrote about why I was using this image in a previous post – Cobalt Blue No_0424 – Sepsis Vitality And Hope. I was talking about how this is one of my favourite places to go. How I wanted the scene of a beautiful blue sky to be a symbol of hope.

When I posted the image, one of my lovely friends came back to me to tell me how she even thought the little cloud in the sky looked like it was heart-shaped. It too was a symbol of hope!

I smiled at this – I’d seen the little cloud before, obviously. But at one time I had thought about photoshopping it out. It was like ‘a little blip’, a blemish in an otherwise perfectly blue sky! This couldn’t be more true though about how I feel Post Sepsis – that was a certainly a blip in  my everyday life. Striking out of nowhere with no warning. Messing up my otherwise perfect life.

So I’m honouring the ‘blip’. I was going to say that I’m not going to let Sepsis define me. But actually it has – it changed everything. I wouldn’t be writing about it now or helping to raise awareness if that ‘blip’ hadn’t appeared. That blip has sent me down a different path. One in which I have already met a whole new set of amazing people I am just getting to know.

So lets love the blip, this sepsis thing!

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