Hi! I’m Sarah – Sepsis Survivor & Warrior

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Hi! I’m Sarah – Sepsis Survivor & Warrior

So I realised I haven’t introduced myself. Hi! I’m Sarah – Sepsis Survivor & Warrior!

My name is Dr Sarah McAleer! But I’m NOT a medical doctor, I hold a PhD in jewellery history from the Royal College of Art in London.

At the end of 2016 I nearly died from Pneumonia & Sepsis and I am currently still in long-term recovery mode.

This certainly put the cat among the pigeons and I am on a crusade to help raise awareness of both Sepsis AND Post Sepsis Syndrome!

Before Sepsis?
Before Sepsis I ran my own demanding business. I’m better known as a goldsmith of over 23 years and I’m a business mentor for artists, jewellers and creative heads. I’m also a trained jewellery historian, researcher, lecturer, teacher, writer and blogger. 
Oh and I’m the wife of an ex-architect-turned-music-blogging husband and a mum of 2 highly entertaining little girls.
You could say I’m multi-faceted – like a diamond (my favourite). Part made of tough stuff, part cut from my own dust and part sparkle! LOL!
I always say, ‘I always say’ and I appear to write ‘lol’ ALL the time! LOL!!!
After Sepsis?
Now? Well I’m still ALL the above BUT I’m also a Sepsis Survivor!
Thats a pretty scary statement right there! Knowing theres only two outcomes from Sepsis – survival or death. There is no middle ground, you can’t do it on your own or just ‘get over it’ with a few days in bed and a couple of painkillers. 
You have to ‘survive’ Sepsis – and you can only do that with swift medial intervention! 
This is a fact that overwhelms me on a daily basis!
So join me on My Sepsis Journey and lets see where we are going!!!

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