I’m The N. Ireland Lead Representative For The UK Sepsis Trust – Sepsis Warriors

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I’m The N. Ireland Lead Representative For The UK Sepsis Trust – Sepsis Warriors

Wow! I’m not quite sure how it happened but I’m The N. Ireland Lead Representative For The UK Sepsis Trust – Sepsis Warriors!

Well actually, thats not quite true, here’s how!…


A few weeks ago at the end of May 2017 I decided to write my first post about how I felt 6 months post sepsis, called ‘Being Humpty Dumpty‘. It has taken me this length of time to be able to write about my experiences even though before sepsis I wrote for a living. Then, all of a sudden I kept hearing little words encouraging me to write more, and to talk more openly about what had happened to me. So in one weekend, I took the challenge and my new blog website Sepsis Vitality was born.

Fast forward a few weeks and Sepsis Vitality, is now a member of the Global Sepsis Alliance. You can read more about how this all came to be, here: How I became A Member Of The Global Sepsis Alliance – Sepsis Warriors.

At the exactly same time I had begun a conversation with Dr Ron Daniels of The UK Sepsis Trust – an amazing man who is a true Sepsis Warrior, aka Sepsis Legend! All of a sudden I found myself becoming the Lead Representative For N. Ireland for them. Wow! I had no idea a few short weeks ago that any of this would happen.


Why am I doing this? Well I am a pretty outspoken and passionate person. I had never heard of Sepsis before getting ill and there are many things in my own story that basically could have resulted in my own death! No exaggeration!

From thinking I had a cold, maybe the flu, to being sent home by a grumpy A&E doctor at 3am in the morning after missing ALL the signs. To waiting both times in A&E for over 5 hours before being seen, to never having heard the word sepsis, to not knowing ANYTHING about how I would recover from it. To not having any support groups in place and to not knowing how it was going to affect my ENTIRE personal and working life.

These ‘things’, my experiences, propel me along with a huge desire to speak out, find out more, and help others. Maybe its the fact that I have a research brain. But recording, researching and documenting all seem to come naturally to me. Telling my story and connecting with others helps me to make sense of what has happened. Hopefully I can help someone else too. These ‘things’ are pretty powerful!

What Will I Be Doing

So for now, my relationship with the UKST is new and we don’t know yet where its going to lead. But I’m a great believer in just getting stuck in and getting started. It will grow as we go along.

I am on an initial fact-finding mission here in N. Ireland. Who’s doing what? Which hospitals are leading the way here with Sepsis research, who are the movers and shakers. Who has Sepsis protocols in place (certainly there was no evidence of them when I was at A&E), if not why not. How can all the different types of medics and non-medics work together on this? How do we educate more people on Sepsis Awareness. What about recovery plans, what about support for people after sepsis, what about support groups? What about helping people who need benefits or working out what to do about their jobs? How do we help individuals and their families who have been affected by Sepsis?

LOL! I could go on, its a pretty long list, isn’t it! But in short: education, awareness, diagnosis, treatment, recovery and support!

And so I start and I build up my data and I’ll begin to write about all things Sepsis AND N. Ireland…watch this space

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