Line Leaf No_8867 Digital Drawing – Sepsis Brain Fog Recovery

So this is my Sepsis brain fog drawing number 2: Line Leaf No_8867 Digital Drawing – Sepsis Brain Fog Recovery!


As an artist, if you knew my jewellery you would start to recognise the leaf form as being part of my design style. However, I’m not a drawer or an illustrator and normally my drawings are designs for my jewellery. I’ve been designing jewellery for over 20 years and I’m comfortable with my drawing style.

So when I started using my ipad to just ‘draw’ I had to ‘get over myself’ and accept whatever was coming out of me. I had to try not to over think it or worry that ‘it didn’t look like anything’. LOL! With sepsis brain fog thats not actually that hard. Initially I wouldn’t have had the brain capacity to even have begun to think about designing a piece of jewellery. Instead I just went with experimenting with the drawing programme I was using – Adobe Sketch. Testing the online tools, textures and colours.

This type of creative process is more about using sub-consious thought rather than conscious thought. Its often more like how children draw. They have no expectations or reservations about filling a blank page. They just draw whatever first comes to mind.

This is what I wanted to do for myself. I’ve never actually taken the time to sit down to ‘just draw’ or doodle. I’m normally either taking photographs or working towards a client project. So I was giving myself and my sepsis brain some time to just ‘be’.

Digital Art For Sepsis Recovery

If you are recovering from Sepsis, I really believe that FINDING ANY SORT OF INTEREST OR HOBBY will help you in he days ahead. You can read my initial post on that here – Find An Interest of Hobby. Low level energy activities are best and ones that can be done either in bed or from a chair that don’t require physical exertion.

Thats why I loved it when I found this drawing programme on my ipad and I wish I had found it months earlier!! You can read more about digital drawing for sepsis brain fog here:

This one is called ‘Line Leaf No_8867‘ and you can see it and some of my other drawings on my Jewellery Website HERE

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