Lucky Escape – I Survived Sepsis

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Lucky Escape – I Survived Sepsis

Well it’s not everyday that you can proclaim that you’ve just used up one of your nine lives during a tough and scary week fighting a really serious case of pneumonia. I had a Lucky Escape – I Survived Sepsis and I finally escaped hospital on 28th November 2016.

So I’m going to be thankful to the universe for the fact that when I was originally sent home by the first grumpy A&E doctor at 3 in the morning with a 7 day antibiotic I knew that during the next few hours I’d gone even more downhill. Just as well I went back. My inflammation levels had gone up to 460 where 0-5 is normal, 90 is a bad chest infection and the ave pneumonia case is 200!!

When in actual fact, it took bags and bags of IV fluids to stabilise my heart rate and blood pressure. A powerful IV antibiotic that’s described as ‘being reserved for potentially life threatening illness’. Another antibiotic and 24 hour nursing care to fight the infection!!

I’m thankful that the sister on the ward was my friend Lisa Lawden. Even though I could see the brief horror on her face when she saw what my infection levels were. She instantly reassured me to the fact that because I was so compos mentis meant I was coping well. She then spent the next few days gently alluding me to the long recovery period ahead. As she knows how that will affect my life and my business.

I’m also going to be thankful that during the previous 5 weeks with Ruby getting her tonsils out, and both girls being ill on and off, that I had stepped up my own arsenal of natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial potions. Something I truly believe helped me have some of my own onboard fighters onhand to fight this infection so fast whilst not wiping me totally out.

For my alternative friends, I seriously went somewhere else at times. Speeding tunnels, portals, lights, figures jumping into bodies, figures coming to my bedside, figures throwing things over me and a constant group of figures huddled over my bed. Initially not knowing if these were friend or foe was pretty scary.

I’m going to be thankful that in one of my many hourly pee stops in the night, something black hit the deck in front of me. A poster falling from the wall with hands forming a heart reminding me to wash my hands. When two days later the ward had a norovirus outbreak.

And to the fact that I remembered I had 2 crystals in my bag – a multicoloured one and a white Quartz which I placed on my bed. And when I took this out of my bag when I got home the white crystal had turned brown!!!!!!

And to know that this episode just put a marker on my path and that the journey ahead seriously shifted course!!

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