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Pain Management | By Aaron Holmes – Sepsis Survivor

In life, we always get aches and pains. Be it a headache or a bad back, cuts or bruises. We all have them! – And we usually pop a couple of paracetamol / aspirin / ibuprofen and get on with it.
Post Sepsis Pain
Post sepsis, however, pain can be excruciating.
My sepsis manifested itself in what was the worst pain I had ever felt.
My skull felt like it was crushing my brain and yet I was so stubborn! I walked myself into casualty because I was convinced it was nothing more than a migraine!
It’s important to speak to your doctor about managing aches and pains.
Post Sepsis Syndrome manifests in many ways – and you may even be lucky and not get it. However, the pain in joints, etc, can very quickly become overwhelming if it’s left untreated. 
There’s a very important thing here that I want to address.
I became a drug addict. But because I was addicted to prescription drugs, I justified it to myself that “It’s ok! These are to help”.
Any of the narcotic analgesics such as codeine, carry a risk of addiction. Add in the trauma of sepsis, and it’s very very easy to become dependent on them.
Mental Health
The addiction can be for mental pain too. That numb feeling, where things are ok for a few hours, can be a welcome relief to the constant fear and anxiety post sepsis. 
It’s important to look after your health. If you’re hurting, mentally or physically, go and seek advice for it.
Once again, talk with people.
Maybe you just need to vent to your doctor for a few minutes. Maybe you’ll be like me and need weeks of therapy. There’s no shame in any of it. Maybe you’re a well balanced person with a fantastic support network. If so that’s even better.
Pain Management
I’m still a recovering addict. I will always be a recovering addict.
It’s something that I am not proud of, but I’m not ashamed of it either.
Pain management isn’t always about popping pills. There are many different ways – heat, ice, yoga, therapy, walking, box breathing.
Talk to your doctor about what is best for you. Do some research and take it with you to your doctor.
There are programs where you can get a free membership to your local leisure centre and instruction in getting fit again. Ask about these because they’re not widely promoted.
Most of all, do not suffer in silence. Myself and Sarah know first hand what you’re going through. We’ll listen. 
By Aaron Holmes
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