Pneumonia & Sepsis – I’m A Survivor

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Pneumonia & Sepsis – I’m A Survivor

At the end of November 2016, I ended up in hospital fighting for my life battling severe Pneumonia & Sepsis – I’m A Survivor. This came as a total bolt from the blue and to now be considered medically as a ‘survivor’ of both these conditions is pretty overwhelming.

Although, unfortunately, I had had previous personal family experiences with both critical and fatal pneumonia. I knew how quickly it can spiral out of control, but I had never heard, or was aware of the condition, ‘Sepsis’.

I had of course heard of septicaemia and blood poisoning but I didn’t know that Sepsis was a slighlty different and equally deadly condition that affects many people. Early detection and treatment of which is the only chance for survival!!!

This is the start of my written journey to help raise awareness of the seriousness of both pneumonia and sepsis and how you need to question medical opinion if you know it is wrong.

How these conditions affected my body, including my stories and visions from being ‘on the brink’. The aftermath of hospital and dealing with recovery. How there is very little information on recovery plans, let alone how to rebuild your body naturally without the addition of more chemicals.

…and how throughout it all, all I can think about is my nutrition, dealing with side effects and, most importantly for me, keeping control of my other long term medical condition IBS – you can read about my struggles with IBS HERE!!! .

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