Lisa Dickenson | Sepsis Survivor Story

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Sepsis Survivor

Lisa Dickenson

Name: Lisa Dickenson

Age At Time of Sepsis: 42

Year Survived Sepsis: 2017

From: UK

Conditions Survived: Haemorrhage, Hysterectomy, Jaundice, Pneumonia, Multiple Organ Failure & SEPSIS

Survivor Statistics

Survivor’s Story

Hi! I’m Lisa.
January 2017
In late January 2017 I suffered a huge hemmorage which resulted in me having to be resuscitated and having lots of blood transfusions.
However the doctors were unable to stop my bleeding and I had to have an emergency total hysterectomy. I survived the operation and the various blood transfusions afterwards.
I left hospital 3 weeks later with an open wound which was dressed twice a day by district nurses.
Intensive Care
A week later after returning home I was rushed back to hospital unconscious and woke up in intensive care to be told I had sepsis, my organs failed and I lost lots of blood.
My family had been told that I would not make it!
BUT 5 weeks later I was transferred to a ward, I was still very yellow but could be moved.
May 2017
I then spent until the end of May in hospital with a VAC machine connected to my dressing. I could not walk had tons of CT scans and biopsies.
I even contracted pneumonia whilst in hospital, all my veins collapsed and they were forced to put canulas in my feet!
I was then transferred to a re-hab centre where I learnt to walk and take care of myself.
Back Home
I was later discharged home but had to have adaptations made to the house and district nurses everyday to check and change the vac machine.
I then constantly got infections and even got infected abcesses on my stomach and I still have my dressing changed everyday.
Long Term After Affects
I now have many other conditions as a result of Sepsis. I have been diagnosed with Addison’s disease, PTST, PSS, Lymphodema, Lipodema, Fibromyalgia, Depression, anxiety and panic attacks.
I have also lost my left vocal chord and therefore have to have surgery shortly to stop my right vocal chord from getting worse.
On top of ALL that, I am now registered disabled and unable to currently work, but I still try to get up everyday and make sure I do something or go out!
I can’t let this beat me! I know it’s going to be a very long road but I have great family support especially from my mum who is amazing.


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Lisa Dickenson In 2017

Lisa & Her Sister

Lisa, Her Mum & 17 Year Old Son (who had to go through being told he was going to loose his mum twice)!