Sepsis N. Ireland Facts

Sepsis NI: Fact | NI Has NO Sepsis Awareness Campaign

by | Sep 12, 2017

Sepsis NI: Fact | NI Has NO Sepsis Awareness Campaign

Yes that’s right, N. Ireland currently has NO Sepsis Awareness Campaign, yet the majority of Sepsis cases will start at home or in the community.

That means that at least 80% of us will develop Sepsis at home and its reported that there’s often around a 2-day delay before patients realise they are ill and seek help.

This also means that GP’s, paramedics and A&E departments will be among the first responders to see, diagnose and treat Sepsis.

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Our ‘best guess’ is that Sepsis will affect 7020 in N. Ireland this year and kill at least 1240 of those. Currently we have no detailed or accurate statistics. 

(This is based on UK Sepsis Trust stats stating that 150,000 in the UK are affected by Sepsis resulting in 44,000 deaths per year and Irish Sepsis Forum stats of 14,804 inpatients diagnosed with Sepsis resulting in 2735 deaths in 2016.)

Sepsis NI and The UK Sepsis Trust are working together to find ways to establish a National Sepsis Plan for N. Ireland as currently we DO NOT have one. We have some great Sepsis work being done individually within each of our 5 health trusts but we have no singular plan of action. Neither do we have any goverment back Sepsis Awareness Campaigns.

We hope to change that!