Psychedelic Red – My Sepsis Brain Symptoms

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Psychedelic Red – My Sepsis Brain Symptoms

I’m calling this image Psychedelic Red – My Sepsis Brain Symptoms!

This is a ‘worked up’ and coloured image from my camera feed. Its the last photo I took on my phone, the day before I ended up in hospital with pneumonia and sepsis.

Now you might be thinking, well so what? But here’s the thing! As an artist I take photos of my surroundings nearly EVERY day. Imagery for me is one of my BIG visual inspirations. Its like taking snapshots of the world through my eyes. Sometimes its documenting a piece I’m making in the studio, sometimes its what I see out and about, sometimes its about recording an event. Together they all form a visual diary that later on informs my art, my jewellery and what I’m writing about. 


In My Mind’s Eye

I remember taking this photo because I remember looking out the bedroom window and thinking to myself, look how red the sky is, its making those trees look psychedelic and sparkly. And I remember that the scene outside was kinda flashing in my mind – psychedelic reds and yellows. I thought, wow! better get a photo of that!

It wasn’t until recently, nearly 6 months later, that I found this photo and was surprised that yes it most definitely has a reddish tinge to it but it is NOT the psychedelic colour fest that I remember. AND I remember looking outside, taking the photo and checking it on my phone and thinking – yeh! I recorded that one right!

You can see the ‘actual’ image below – look how dull it is, not like the neon one I’ve photoshopped to show you what I had actually imagined!


worked up psychedelic image

actual image from my phone photo feed

The Actual Photo

This was a couple of hours before my entire room turned grey  – you can read that post here!

The date stamp on the real image, on the right, is November 21 at 16:19. So its not even like it was that late at night. Its quite dull in comparison to what I actually was seeing. I snapped the same image 4 times in a row. This is the first one and interestingly it has some form of yellow ‘flare’ on the left hand side sitting in the tree. Can you see it? Now what is that? I have more stories about visions coming later!

At this point I’d been ill for nearly a week but during the day before and the day this photo was taken, I had seriously gone downhill thinking I ‘just had the flu’.

Looking back, it shows how Sepsis was starting to take hold and affecting my colour perception! I mean really, when was the last time you saw red fireworks or neon hazes out your window when you weren’t ‘on’ something????!!!!!

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