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Read how Kirsten survives Sepsis and a year after coming home from hospital she finds the strength to embark on a solo 3-month dream trip to Australia. Kirsten also wrote us a post on our Sepsis Soapbox which you can read by clicking this link: ‘A Further Legacy Of Surviving Sepsis’.

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Read the true story of Gary Black and how he battles with the after affects of Sepsis, depression and delirium! This one’s a bit pricey but worth it as it includes a great section of Gary’s drawings and art work where he tries to visualise what he experienced!

The real life and harrowing story of Tom Ray and his family. Read how he thinks he’s got food poisoning from eating an out-of-date sausage to finding himself in intensive care with Sepsis having lost his arms, legs and part of his face! This one is a tear jerker!

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