What Sepsis Means To My Daughter Ruby, Age 8

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What Sepsis Means To My Daughter Ruby, Age 8

So this is What Sepsis Means To My Daughter Ruby, Age 8! 


I asked Ruby if she would like to give a Sepsis message for World Sepsis Day that I could share on the blog as I have been working on a Word Chain project.

She new straight away that she was going to put ‘Sepsis’ in big letters in the middle of the page. Then she was going to use the colours of reds, oranges and yellows! LOL – do you think they are UK Sepsis Trust colours?

Then I asked her what she thought of the word ‘Sepsis’ and her immediate response was the word ‘Deadly’! And I guess thats EXACTLY what it is!

I then asked her about words to describe what she thought when I was in hospital – so that was ‘nerve-racking’ and ‘worried’. And Sepsis is ‘annoying’ and makes her feel both ‘mad’ and ‘sad’.

To be honest I have tried to avoid asking the girls about what they thought when I was ill but now with the work I am doing around Sepsis they want to talk! So this was really enlightening for me!

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