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Many People Affected By Sepsis (Both Survivors And Those That Have Lost Loved Ones), Have Much More Than A Survivor Or Tribute Story To Tell.

There Is A HUGE Global Community Of Us And The Wealth Of Our Knowledge (Both Around Sepsis And Around Life After Sepsis) Is Quite Staggering!

Yet Their Is NO ‘Voice’ For Us And No Platform To Publically Acknowledge What We Want To Say Or Share Our Information With The World.

I Want To Change That. Hence The ‘Sepsis Soapbox’ Was Born!

Each of my ‘SEPSIS SOAPBOX STORIES’ has been written as a personal account, on a particular topic, by either a Sepsis Survivor or by the families of those who have lost their loved ones.

These stories are NOT to be taken, or acted upon, as ‘medical facts’ but rather they are true life accounts from real life people who have had to deal with Sepsis and its aftermath.

Hear Our Voice – We Want To Talk And Share So Others Can Learn!

I Would Like To Thank Each And Every One Of My Story Tellers For Sharing Their Stories With The World, So That Together We Can Raise Awareness Of Sepsis!

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