Real Life Sepsis Survivor & Tribute Stories

Sepsis Only Has TWO Outcomes

SURVIVAL (Through Medical Intervention) OR DEATH!

*** A Wee Word Of Warning! ***

Sepsis Stories Are Highly Personal And Written From The Heart. 

You May Find Them Upsetting AND They May Contain Graphic Details And Imagery.

Sepsis Affects The Lives Of ALL Those It Touches! 

Let Us Share Our Stories With You! We Want Our Voices To Be Heard! 

We Want To Raise Awareness Of Sepsis So That We Might Save Someone Else’s Life!

Latest Sepsis Survival & Tribute Stories

Writing A Survival or Tribute Story Is Not Easy. Many Find It Hard To Put Their Story Into Words As It Causes Them To Have To Re-Live Their Near-Death Ordeal or Re-Live The Heart-Break Of Loosing Someone Close To Them.

I Know! – It Took Me 6 Months Before I Could Begin To Write My Survival Story! Even Thinking About It Made Me Have To Go Over The Story Again And Again In My Mind. Reminding Me Yet Again How Lucky I Am To Still Be Here!

But Sadly, Some Have Not Been So Lucky To Survive!

I Would Like To Thank Each And Every One Of My Story Tellers For Sharing Their Stories With The World, So That Together We Can Raise Awareness Of Sepsis!