Rebuild Your Life After Sepsis

Every year in the UK there are 260,000 cases of Sepsis, resulting in a staggering 44,000 deaths – more than bowel, breast and prostate cancer combined. ( UK Sepsis Trust Fact )


  • the body’s overwhelming and life-threatening response to an infection causing injury to its own tissues and organs
  • can lead to shock, multiple organ failure AND death if not recognised early and treated promptly


  • the state of being strong and active; energy
  • the power giving continuance of life, present in all living things

Post Sepsis Syndrome (PSS) is the term used to describe the group of long term problems that patients who have experienced severe sepsis can suffer during their rehabilitation period. ( UK Sepsis Trust Fact )

Hi! I’m Sarah McAleer, PhD

I’m A Pneumonia & Sepsis Survivor!

Are YOU A Sepsis Survivor?

Have YOU Heard Of Post Sepsis Syndrome?

Have YOU Even Heard Of Sepsis?

Welcome to my new blog! I really want to connect with YOU and hear your stories!

Hey There! I’m Sarah McAleer! And Yes! I’m A Bit Of A Ginger Nut!

( Well that was before Sepsis turned my hair white down both sides!!! )

Lovely To Meet You!

At the end of 2016 I nearly died from Pneumonia and Sepsis – yet I’d never heard of Sepsis before!

When I left hospital I felt alone as there was a total lack of available information and no support protocols in place.

I had to do my own research into how to recover!

I want to change that! Sepsis has affected my entire personal and working life!

I want to provide knowledge to help surviors and their families on their Sepsis Recovery journeys!

I set up this blog to help raise awareness of Sepsis, Post Sepsis Syndrome AND Sepsis Recovery

Do YOU Have A Sepsis Story To Share?

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Those who know me know how much I loooove to talk and write…and how opinionated I am for that matter, lol!

But since Sepsis I have had to work really hard to re-train my brain to be able to do either as brain fog, short term memory loss and even stuttering are BIG Post Sepsis symptoms! On the plus side though, I think I’m even more opinionated now than ever, lol!

This is particularly debilitating when you are used to both writing and lecturing for a living. I am currently 6 months post sepsis and to be honest, it is only now that I am able to deal psychologically with writing about what happened to me.

So enjoy reading my real life stories about my Sepsis & Post Sepsis journey…I have LOTS to say on the matter…

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